Half-Ogres [Uruk'Hai]

The Half-Ogre is a result of forced breeding in the dark time with Humans, when pure-blooded Ogres were known for raping and looting Human villages. Like many half-breeds, the Half-Ogre was shunned by their full-blooded Ogre race and eventually began to loosely assimilate with Human civilizations in the lands surrounding New Darkhaven.

Half-Ogres stand roughly upright, range from seven to almost nine feet in height, and even females generally pack well over 300 pounds on their immense frames. Most are relatively hairless. Instead, their bodies are covered with small, boney growths. Half-Ogres' disproportionately long limbs lend them a somewhat simian appearance.

As a result of their Ogre heritage, Half-Ogres possess great physical abilities, including a good aptitude for aggression, inherent infravision to assist in travel through darkness, and awesome strength. They also hold some resistance to piercing attacks. All in all, the race is best suited for the role of pure fighter.

Half-Ogres may follow the ways of the following classes:
Bladesinger Thief Vampire Warrior

Half-Ogres gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 0.92.

The Half-Ogre Nation lies at the far northwest edge of the known world within the Northern Plains.



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