Halflings [Hobbit]

Stout, round, open-minded and very elusive the Hobbit has a level of dexterity which is only equal to his wit. Many enjoy the thrill of reading a good book, or telling stories by the fire. Because of this, most Halflings tend to avoid adventuring, though some rare Hobbits choose the path of the bard, or storyteller, for their keen intellect serves them well. This intelligence, coupled with a surprising determination makes them a curious (though somewhat
underpowered) ally.

These individuals have compact bodies and thick, long limbs, and usually have very large, hairy feet. Eye color ranges from blue to brown to green, and any shade in between.

Halflings have an innate ability to detect evil around them, as well as uncanny ability to sneak unseen.

Halflings may follow the ways of the following classes:
Ranger Thief Vampire Warrior

Halflings gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.02.

The Halfling Nation lies just outside the western gates within the Forest of Tears.


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