Elves [Quendi]

Tall, slender creatures with an affinity for the woods and nature, Elves were one of the First Three - the three original races fashioned and scattered across the Realms.

Standing at nearly six feet and often well over that in height, Elves typically stand taller than most Humans. They tend to be fair-skinned with long, straight hair, although there are individuals who choose a darker life which is reflected in their outward appearance.

Elves are lighter-framed than Humans, but what they lack in strength and stamina is made up for with their superior agility - both in thought and movement. They are capable in most classes, though they function poorest in the role of pure fighter. Most will prefer to stay close to nature, and
many become Druids. All Elves have the inherent ability to detect magic in the world around them, and have some resistance to cold.

Elves may follow the ways of the following classes:
Augurer Bladesinger Cleric Druid Mage Paladin Ranger Thief Vampire Warrior

Elves gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.10.

The Elven Nation lies on an island oasis found between the Northern Plains and the Blood Sea.



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