Lizardmen [Lizardmen]

Lizardmen are semi-aquatic, breathing air but often dwelling totally underwater. They are often noted to use underwater caves as their lair, and are typically found in swamps, marshes, and similar places.

Members of this race band together in rough tribal fashion. They are omnivores, and are likely to prefer Human flesh to other foods. Due to this taste for Humans, they suffer if their alignment strays too much towards the honorable side of the spectrum.

Lizardmen, of course, possess the innate ability to breathe under water and are additionally resistant to some slashing attacks.

Before the Shattering the race began to slowly die. Some say there was a new darkness in the marsh lands, other say that inbreeding was the cause, but whatever the reason, all of the Lizardmen progeny were stillborn. It now states in the lore of the Lizardmen shaman that the black magicks of the Tower
of Despair poisoned the marsh. The survival of the race is still uncertain.

Lizardmen gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 0.91.

The Lizardman Nation lies nestled in the swamps along the Kwai River.


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