New Darkhaven Geo connects to Southern Mountain Range, Forest of Tears, The Forgotten Woods, The Ashen Forest New Darkhaven Darhkaven Guard (Astral Only Area is set noportal)
A Moment in Nature Area is level restricted, noportal/noastral
Darkhaven Art Gallery Life
Dragon Cult Kylara, Belesdan, G'narish, Wyrmling
Galaxy Aries, Andromeda, Libra, Nebula
Sewer Guardian Naga, Chreffn, Morkoth, Master Mindflayer
The Halls of Knowledge Mostly level restricted, noportal/astral
The Warehouse Elven baby, Paulie, Prestl
Town Hall N/A
All Guild houses Areas are noportal/noastral
Southern Mountain Range Geo connects to New Darkhaven, Forest of Tears, The Ashen Forest, Desert of Despair, The Mire, Wastelands Southern Mountain Range Grinwold
Elemental Canyon Fire/Earth/Water/Air/Lightning ruler, Eddie, Pebble
Emerald Hills Johral, Qu'uilmarh
Miden'nir Jacob, Goblin spy, Doom goblin
Mithril Hall Mithril cleric, Battlerager, Mithril sentry
Ockwater Fens N/A
Scourge of Time N/A
Seth's Fortress N/A
Transylvania Initiate vampire
The Ruins of T'man Half-troll hometown, no astral/portal
Desert of Despair Geo connects to Southern Mountain Range, The Mire, Wastelands Desert of Despair Nomadic man
Blasted Lands Fabric
Dwarven Catacombs Darkenbeast, Templar page, Mist
Great Eastern Desert Myconoid
The Dungeon Stinky guard
Thul Ab'hara Fealla, M'aneer, Haszid, Sabata
The Mire Geo connects to Forest of Tears, Southern Mountain Range, Desert of Despair, Wastelands The Mire Mosquito
Dragon Tower N/A
Dragon's Pass Fingers, Lasselaure
Dylan's Area Harpy, Air elemental, VanHalen, Whiner
High Tower of Sorcery Ezmerelda, Black apprentice
Machine Dreams Raven
Old Marsh Slaad, Green troll, Shambling mound
Redferne's Residence Naris guard, Neophyte lich
Tribal Swamplands Lizardman hometown, no astral/portal
Wastelands Geo connects to Desert of Despair, Southern Mountain Range, The Mire Wastelands Alsandra
Realm of Worship N/A
Thalos Beholder, Horned lizard
The Ancient City of Aurora Aurora guard, Aurora mayor, Juel, Agrivarian
Tower of Despair N/A
Forest of Tears Geo connects to New Darkhaven, Southern Mountain Range, The Mire, The Forgotten Woods Forest of Tears Black hawk, Wandering pine
Abishai's Morgue N/A
Along the Forest Path Area is set noastral/noportal
Bartok Grove Appleby, Tourist, Harvester
Lake of Tich'Pyga Paddy, Osprey
Kontaur Panda, Otter
Old Thalos Baby beholder, Gordon, George
Sesuad'ra Rift N/A
Shattered Refuge Hobgoblin miner, Traitor, Chief gnome
The Gauntlet Area is set noastral/noportal
The Graveyard Graverobber, Gravedigger
The Sentinel Area is set noastral/noportal
The Shire Thain, Shiriff
The Tree of Life Large butterfly, 2.hornet
Treetops and Canopy Spider monkey, Tree frog, Raccoon
Underworld N/A
The Burrows Halfling hometown, no astral/portal
The Ashen Forest Geo connects to New Darkhaven, The Forgotten Woods, Southern Mountain Range The Ashen Forest Shadow demon (aggro), Skeleton warrior (aggro)
Land of the Fire Newts Newt matriarch, Newt hatchling, Newt cleric
Moria Centipede, Guardian snake (aggro), Blue bat (aggro), Green bat (aggro), Red bat (aggro), Sly thief
Mountains of Desolation Leala, Revenant (aggro)
Shai'Ghool N/A
The King's Castle Theoderic
City of Eldestra Half-elf hometown, no astral/portal
The Forgotten Woods Geo connects to New Darkhaven, Barren Peaks, The Ashen Forest, Forest of Tears The Forgotten Woods Rock crab, Silver maple
Green Forest Weasel, Brown stag
La Chute D'eau De L'ancients N/A
New Ofcol Jacklyn, Diana, Jim
Ofcol Luxan, Innkeeper
Pixie Forest Air sprite, Water pixie
Raven Tor Magistrate, Highland piper, Scoundrel
Shadow Grove Aruncus, Shudde-M'ell(aggro)
The Keep of Mahn-tor Amyrok, Sumaron, Belrak, Weeping willow
The Tower of Zenothir Juneo, Pavle
Tullfuhrzky Manor Collie, Cockroach, Grandpa
Valley of Mysts N/A
Wyvern's Tower Centaur, Fhaile
Reomyr Village Pixie hometown, no astral/portal
The Keep of Lomar Human hometown, no astral/portal
The Vale of Nidaros Gnome hometown, no astral/portal
Barren Peaks Geo connects to Northern Plains, The Forgotten Woods Barren Peaks of Tahjliera Pikeman
Barrik's Keep Torlynn, Lebrand
Drow City Matron mother, Drow commoner
Kingdom of Juargan Grimdale, Juargan
Morgul Vale Easterling, Southron
Revelation City City thief, Giant snake, Giant serpent, Fire troll
Mount Krozloy Half-orc hometown, no astral/portal
Qetag's Reach Dwarf hometown, no astral/portal
Northern Plains Geo connects to Barren Peaks Northern Plains Eltor, Inahir child, Eltor kid
Crystalmir Lake White stag, Pooh
Temple of the Moon N/A
The Dunhill Demesnes Faun, Brownie, Piper, Kyle
Town of Solace Matt, Mcbaker, Cookie, Solace citizen
Unholy Grounds Anastacia, Arabella, Preacher
Valley of the Elves Antelope, Valley elf, Octavius
Opallinoc Half-ogre hometown, no astral/portal
The City of Iniquity Drow hometown, no astral/portal
The Island of Irrybis Elf hometown, no astral/portal
Otherland Geo - cannot astral to or from other geos Otherland N/A
Cursed Lands Raider, Haenish
Sea of Sorrows N/A
Wild Tundra N/A
Azure Sea Geo - cannot astral to or from other geos Azure Sea N/A
Abattoir Asylum N/A
Antall, the Lost Harbor N/A
Coral Depths Jeremiah, seaweed
Ocean Keep Lingon, Crewman, Deckhand, Goat
Octopus Gardens N/A
Village of Edo N/A
Mathlaan Lagoon Sea-elf hometown, no astral/portal
The Blood Sea Geo - cannot astral to or from other geos The Blood Sea N/A
Knights of the Round Cadbury
Shadowport Grak, Boatmaster
Tower of Enlightenment Hanged, Jackal, Anubis, Wands
Air Geo - cannot astral to or from other geos Astral Plane Nightmare, Githyanki, Invisible stalker
Olympus N/A
The Sands of Teracchei Gith hometown, no astral/portal
Misc Eastern Trade Route Its own geo - no astral/portal
Northern Trade Route Its own geo - no astral/portal
Western Trading Route Its own geo - no astral/portal
Midway of Despair Main part only reachable when opened by an immortal
Haunted House Reachable only through Midway of Despair




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